Safety Advocate Subscription Terms

Updated 06-12-20



Your use of Unlimited Monthly Subscription and Subscription Product is governed by the Subscription Terms below.

Read these Subscription Terms carefully before using the Unlimited Monthly Subscription. These Subscription Terms constitute a legal agreement between you and B Creative Consulting issuing such services.

If you are not willing to be bound by these Subscription Terms, you should not purchase or use a Subscription Product.

Access and Renewal

Your ability to access and use the Subscription Service starts on the date we make the Unlimited Monthly Subscription available to you following your purchase of a Subscription Product and your payment of the fee. Your subscription will automatically renew monthly.

If you opt-out of automatic renewal, your Subscription Product will expire and your access to the Unlimited Monthly Subscription will cease at the end of its specified the Subscription period. In order to continue to access the Unlimited Monthly Subscription after your Subscription Period has expired, you will need to purchase or redeem a new Subscription Product. You are required to maintain accurate and up-to-date payment information. If your paiement information expires or is denied your Subscription can be cancelled.

Lost or Stolen Subscription Product

B Creative Consulting is not responsible for lost or stolen Subscription Product, or unauthorized use or redemption of a Subscription Product.

Availability and Modifications

B Creative Consulting reserves the right to modify, offer additional, or cease offering Subscription Product and Unlimited Monthly Subscription at any time in its sole discretion, including but not limited to changes in fees, modifying the availability of and Eligibility Requirements for certain Subscription Product and Unlimited Monthly Subscription, or modifying the features and functionality of certain Unlimited Monthly Subscription. If we cease offering your current Subscription Product, your access to the Unlimited Monthly Subscription will continue until the end of your then-current Subscription Period. In such event, we may elect to migrate you to a similar Subscription Product and charge your payment method the associated Fee at the end of your then-current Subscription Period.

Changes to Subscription Terms

We may modify these Subscription Terms from time to time. If we make material changes to these Subscription Terms as it applies to your currently active Subscription Product, then we will supply you with appropriate notice (e.g., in-app notification, email, etc) of those changes. Revised Subscription Terms will become effective upon the next renewal of your Subscription Product and your continued use of the Unlimited Monthly Subscription will constitute your acceptance of the revised terms. If you are not willing to agree to the revisions, you may cancel your Subscription Product.


B Creative Consulting doesn't store or share the payment data you enter in the Safety Advocate App. Your billing information is processed by Apple using your Apple ID Account.

Your (the user) responsibility

As a user you are responsible for the JHA generated. You are responsible for your safety. And B Creative Consulting is not responsible for any error in JHAs generated using the Safety Advocate App, regardless of what caused the error. The Safety Advocate App is meant to help with compliance but you are fully responsible for your safety, the safety of others and compliance with OSHA Guidelines.

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